Digital Vaccine Verification Is A Safe Alternative To Paper

Digital vaccine verification cards became available in California and other states in 2021. Rather than an official, paper copy of vaccination, the digital option for verification is easier for a person to carry with them at all times and keep safe. In California Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record website from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is simple to navigate and the mobile version of the page is easy to use. Once a user inputs basic information a QR code containing a digital COVID vaccine record is sent via text or email.

Physical verification cards remain important documents. These are the paper cards distributed to individuals at COVID-19 vaccination sites and confirm the date of doses (including booster shots), vaccine type, and medical information for the individual. Having the digital form of vaccine verification is not a requirement. As the CDHP states on their FAQs page:

“You may also continue to use your CDC card as proof of vaccination in addition to other possible options such as a digital or physical proof of vaccination from your provider/pharmacy.”

Whatever format a vaccination record is stored in, it is important to keep COVID-19 vaccination, and all health information, safe and accessible. Blue Shield of California encourages our vaccinated California members to take advantage of this fast, convenient option from the CDHP.

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