Catching up on preventative care

With well over half of Californians now fully vaccinated against COVID-19, it’s a good time to encourage your workforce to seek preventive care they may have postponed during the pandemic. Keeping up with routine care is crucial to maintaining overall health. To support our members, we are sending communications encouraging them to schedule preventive care visits with their healthcare providers.

Telehealth visits are here to stay

Rigorous COVID-19 safety protocols are now common practice among healthcare providers, a trend that’s unlikely to ease up any time soon. Still, some people may have lingering anxieties about spending time around others in an enclosed setting like a doctor's office.

That is why every member of your team should know about Blue Shield's Teladoc Virtual Care System. Telehealth visits have become normal practice throughout the pandemic, and we’ve found our members are increasingly opting for the convenience of virtual visits compared to conventional in-person appointments.

It is important to remember virtual visits are a complement to traditional examinations – in-person examinations with your doctor are still better for identifying certain conditions that may require advance treatment. However, during the pandemic and beyond, virtual consultations offer a convenient alternative to those who are reluctant or unable to make in-person appointments.

Encourage your workforce to seek preventive care whether virtually using our Teladoc Virtual Care System, or by visiting their healthcare provider in-person. Stay up to date with the latest wellness news and articles from Blue Shield by visiting our News Center or receive updates in your inbox by subscribing today.

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