Concierge delivers a white glove employee experience

Key Takeaways

  1. White-glove service is immediately accessible to members to help them address care needs or resolve issues.​

  2. The Concierge team handles your issue from beginning to end – no transferring the member from person to person. ​

  3. A holistic approach to care is combined with a suite of clinical solutions for great health outcomes.​

With Concierge, a designated customer care team works with a designated clinical team to resolve member issues and deliver customized care solutions. All the member needs to do is place one call.​

Check out this video to see if Concierge is the right choice for you and your employees.

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Paula Lunde: Healthcare can be scary and it could also be complicated. We help members navigate a system that isn't always easy to best meet their needs. Shield Concierge is one of our premium care models at Blue Shield, where we pair a designated customer care team with a designated clinical team, and they're working in lockstep to really deliver customized solutions for our clients. It's all about resolving a member's issues in one call and then working as a team to make sure that the member gets what they need.

Cleo Mutebi: This holistic approach really produces great patient healthy outcomes. You have people with different expertise that can address every aspect of what the member's going through.

Sabina Rosenstock: Maybe they need some assistance with a support group or personal therapist or psychiatrist.

Cleo Mutebi: It's really a white glove service where you don't have to do anything more than just make that one initial call.

Erin Casey: The concierge program is really incredible because the whole premise is that everybody has quick access to each other.

Amy Togonon: Calling other health plans, you get transferred from person to person to person, and sometimes at the end of the call, you still don't get an answer. It's different at Shield Concierge because you call in, you speak to a customer service representative, and they're going to handle your call from beginning to end. They're going to be the one to call the different departments for you to take care of your needs.

Sabina Rosenstock: When we support our members, we do our best to send them as much information as we can to reduce any homework that they might need to do on their own. A recent member that I worked with had a new diagnosis of cancer. We were able to discover that they could really use some extra emotional support, so I was able to connect them with a personal therapist as well as a cancer support group, and then also connect them with our registered nurse case managers to assist him with some referrals and authorizations to be able to coordinate with his providers and his treatment team.

Melanie Zanze: Taking a member out of the middle, takes the responsibility of getting whatever they need off of them and back onto Blue Shield.

Paula Lunde: We offer a really robust suite of clinical solutions that employers can get all in one place, and it's really a great way for employers to attract their employees.

Erin Casey: It's a unique relationship that we get to build with our members, because even though I'm just a voice on the phone, I want you to get better. I want you to have access to your care. I want you to have the best possible outcome.

Sabina Rosenstock: Blue Shield really cares about what their employees go through and how they feel and the resources and benefits that they need to be able to do their job effectively so that we can help our members and the community.

Cleo Mutebi: My favorite part of my job is the impact that I make on a daily basis within Shield Concierge, being able to get on the call with the member and being able to address the concerns or barriers that they may be facing is extremely rewarding.

Paula Lunde: We're proud of how our teams have really touched the lives of members and really improved the quality of life.

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