Connect provides a powerful member engagement experience

Key Takeaways

  1. Brings together customer care and multidisciplinary clinical teams to support members at any point on their health journey.

  2. White-glove service is immediately accessible to members to best meet their needs.

  3. A smart-data platform enables us to recognize and reach out to those who may have risks, resulting in better outcomes and lower costs.

Higher engagement with lower costs is possible. Clients who choose our premium care management model, Connect, see 2x-3x more engagement than with other Blue Shield care models.

Check out this video to see if Connect is the right choice for you and your employees.

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Paula Lunde (00:08):

Healthcare can be scary and it can also be complicated. We help members navigate a system that isn't always easy to best meet their needs. We've got end-to-end clinical solutions that can address members' needs, whether they're a low utilizer who's fairly healthy, or if they become moderate utilizers, just making sure that all of our medical management services are meeting everyone's needs. Clients who are on our Connect model are seeing two to three times the engagement that we see with some of our other care models, and then we're realizing cost savings as a result. We have a multidisciplinary care team that's made up of registered nurses, behavioral health clinicians, dieticians, health coaches, community health advocates.

Betheina "Beth" Fernandez (00:54):

It's really the 360 approach. We're able to reach out to our pharmacists and they'll let us know what we need. We can then turn that around and speak with a member. We can reach out to the doctors and really be there hand-in-hand like we're supposed to be.

Sabina Rosenstock (01:10):

When we support our members, we do our best to send them as much information as we can to reduce any homework that they might need to do on their own. A recent member that I worked with had a new diagnosis of cancer. We were able to discover that they could really use some extra emotional support. So I was able to connect them with a personal therapist as well as a cancer support group, and then also connect them with our registered nurse case managers to assist him with some referrals and authorizations to be able to coordinate with his providers and his treatment team.

Betheina "Beth" Fernandez (01:39):

We go that extra mile. We want to make sure that the member is never going to hear a no from us. Every aspect of the programs are designed to show the employees how much the employer cares about their wellbeing.

Sabina Rosenstock (01:56):

I really appreciate our team approach to helping members, and hearing the feedback from members has been really wonderful.

Betheina "Beth" Fernandez (02:04):

While I'm on duty and while I'm on the phone, I feel like a hero.

Paula Lunde (02:08):

We're proud of how our teams have really touched the lives of members and really improved the quality of life.