The growth and digital future of mental healthcare in the workplace

Even before the ongoing effects of COVID-19 thrust mental health into the national spotlight, virtual and digital mental health services were on the rise. The strain of shifting to remote work, at-home schooling, and social isolation exacerbated the need for – and the gaps in – mental health treatment in healthcare.

Telemedicine and digital tools are here to stay, and they’re improving

Telemedicine rapidly evolved from an emerging technology in the healthcare space to an essential means of providing care. Blue Shield expanded access to telemedicine – for physical and behavioral health – during the pandemic through our Teladoc services. Utilization has soared: virtual mental health visits increased 2000% from 2019 to 2020. Teladoc telehealth visits were made a permanent benefit for our 2021 portfolio plans for fully insured groups.

Although employee mental health gained attention during the pandemic, the correlation of wellness for employees and the productivity of companies is not new and we’ve been working on digital solutions for mental health well before COVID-19. Blue Shield of California’s Wellvolution platform has been available for years, helping members take control of their health and well-being.

We recently added two new apps to the platform making receiving mental health support easier: Ginger and Headspace. Both apps allow members to receive mental health support from the comforts of home. Headspace is a science-backed meditation app built for reducing stress. The app features over 1000 hours of exercises, hundreds of guided meditations, and much more. All with the goal of helping users increase resilience and achieve a better night’s rest. The Ginger app uses text-based chatting to provide mental health coaching and – along with a self-care library and video-based therapy – lets users receive mental health support from the comforts of home.

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