The importance of pharmacists and automation in lowering drug costs

Rising prescription drugs prices can have a substantial impact on the cost of employer-sponsored coverage. In an article for Fierce Healthcare, Alison Lum, vice president of Pharmacy Services for Blue Shield of California, and co-author Edward Fotsch, M.D., CEO of Gemini Health, write about the essential role pharmacists play in identifying cost savings for their patients.

The article, Drug Cost Savings through Transparency at Every Point of Care, also examines how collaborating with pharmacists to automate their processes will further promote cost-effective health care.

“Blue Shield of California (Blue Shield) is leveraging managed care pharmacists in multiple settings, from provider groups to virtual pharmacy partners and their own internal pharmacy staff and generating drug cost savings for members by providing automated identification of dose-mapped and formulary-aligned alternative medications.

By collaborating with pharmacists and other members of the care team at key provider groups, with partners, and internally, Blue Shield has created automated tools to identify the most cost-effective medications at every point of care.”

The full article is available here.

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