Need national coverage? We’ve got you. Small business coverage? Check. Self-funded? Yes. Blue Shield of California can work with you on a health benefits strategy that keeps your workforce at their best and brightest.

Blue Shield of California: An overview

  • The best of Blue

    Our health plans and programs are crafted to meet the needs of a modern world. For companies headquartered in California, we can deliver a single national coverage solution, no matter where your workforce is, tapping into the powerful Blue network to do so.

  • A connected experience

    The right care at the right time and place: Employees can get care when and how they want it with our extensive provider networks, growing suite of virtual care and telehealth options, a suite of clinically proven lifestyle medicine apps, and more.

  • Better outcomes & performance

    We give members a better experience while helping you control your healthcare spend. Our personalized member advocacy model reduces member homework and yields higher employee engagement.

  • All in on innovation

    We’re driving innovation for members, providers, and entire communities to transform the healthcare system in significant ways. California is our laboratory, with proven and digital-first ideas going national.

  • Health Reimagined: Real change is systemic change

    Changing a complex health system takes commitment. Blue Shield is all in. We’re reimagining care to make it more accessible, more affordable, and simpler for everyone.

    That includes building a modern health ecosystem that makes “anytime, anywhere” care not just possible but seamless. It means addressing rising costs; for instance, how payments move through the healthcare system or how we can help control the cost of prescription drugs. And it means a shift in focus to healthier outcomes for all.

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