Large Group Coverage

Attracting and keeping talent can be challenging for midsize to large companies (101+ employees), so offering competitive health benefits is critical to recruitment.

Blue Shield stands out in a crowded field. Whether you’re seeking a fully insured or self-funded health benefit program, we offer both local and nationwide coverage. You can choose from a range of plans and high-value programs with the ability to customize benefits to meet your specific needs.

  • Striking the right balance

    Employees today expect more—even from companies that don’t have deep pockets. You can look to Blue Shield to deliver better value for your healthcare dollar and strike the right balance between rich benefits and affordability.


    Choice and flexibility
    You can tailor coverage to meet your specific group needs, taking advantage of a wide variety of plan options that will improve health outcomes and contain costs. With 100% of U.S. zip codes covered, you can also rest assured your employees will have access to health care wherever they live or work.


    A quality member experience

    A high-touch member engagement service model, effective clinical programs, and digital tools support your employees in their healthcare journey and make sure they are getting the right care at the right time.

  • A guide to large group options

    Whether you’re seeking a fully insured plan or looking for self-funded/ASO options, you can count on Blue Shield to help you improve employee health outcomes and achieve better cost performance.

  • Trio HMO

    Trio HMO is an accountable care organization (ACO) provider network designed to give your employees a more affordable way to access a local network of high-quality providers and innovative programs.

    Access+ HMO

    These plans offer low copayments for a wide range of HMO benefits, including preventive care, inpatient and outpatient services, and emergency care.

    Local Access+ HMO

    Employers who have a localized employee base and are looking to lower their healthcare spending can consider this option.

    Access+ HMO SaveNet

    These plans offer an HMO plan with a targeted physician network to lower your rates (must be paired with one of our standard Access+ HMO plans).

    A new-generation health plan that offers total care for employees. Virtual Blue provides virtual-first coverage including integrated primary, behavioral, and specialty care with $0 virtual visits through AccoladeCare. Employees also have the option of in-person care when preferred through a Blue Shield PPO network.

  • PPO

    When you want maximum flexibility, our PPO plans offer an expansive network, the option to go out of network, and the ability to see a specialist without a referral.

    Tandem PPO

    Tandem PPO offers a more affordable network of quality providers selected from our broader network. Tandem provides the flexibility of standard PPO plans with a complement of high-value benefits, including our Shield Concierge model.

    Active Choice PPO

    These plans provide comprehensive coverage with flexibility and greater management over spending while providing reliable protection against the impact of high-cost services.

    PPO savings

    These are high-deductible health plans (HDHPs), which are ideal for employees who want to be actively in control of their healthcare expenses by saving tax-advantaged dollars for future medical expenses.

    Added Advantage POS

    These POS plans offer more choice with the option to access care through a lower cost HMO personal physician, a PPO network provider, or an out-of-network provider. Costs vary with the type of provider.

  • A guide to your national program options

    Get the nationwide coverage you need with broad networks and high-quality programs to help your organization control costs while delivering excellent health outcomes for your employees.

  • BlueCard® PPO

    Provides the greatest flexibility with coverage in every zip code

    $20 PMPM discount advantage

    98% of claims paid in-network

    Blue High Performance Network(SM)

    Focused network that balances access, affordability, and quality

    11%+ total cost of care savings over our industry-leading PPO

    In-network access in 68+ U.S. markets

  • Blue Distinction® Specialty Care

    Centers of Excellence demonstrating expertise, higher quality care, and better outcomes

    20% average cost savings per person per episode

    Available throughout 50 states and D.C.

    Total Care

    Nation’s largest ecosystem of value-based care programs

    315,000+ providers in 44 states and D.C.

    27M+ members

  • Pharmacy: Tailored plans for greater value

    Our integrated pharmacy and medical model, with nationwide coverage and customized Rx programs to maximize performance, is lowering costs and driving better health outcomes.

  • Cost-saving solutions for employers

    We offer flexible network and plan benefit options designed to meet your company’s needs while providing value-driven care for your employees.

    Your account team will help with plan management strategies, including:

    • Robust formularies that offer competitive discounts
    • Pharmacy and medical data analytics to identify cost trends and opportunities
  • A better experience for employees

    Your employees will benefit from an integrated treatment and policy approach and a single source of support for pharmacy and medical questions.

    Our seamless member experience includes:

    • Broad access to more than 68,000 pharmacies nationwide
    • More coordinated care and personalized case management for at-risk members
  • Dental

    Wide network access is tied to where your employees need care. With comprehensive coverage across California and nationwide, employees are covered where they live, work, and travel.

  • Vision

    Vision is one of the most popular voluntary benefits among employees. Blue Shield has the largest vision network of doctors and specialists nationwide, with retailers like Costco, LensCrafters, Target Optical, and Walmart.

  • Life

    Life insurance can give employees added security and greater peace of mind. Plans include tailor-made options, affordable rates, and benefits like travel insurance employees can use today.

Your company is unique. Let’s talk about how we can build a benefits plan to meet your needs.

Looking to self-fund coverage? Let’s create a plan that helps your employees be their best and helps you control costs.

  • Self-funded/administrative services only (ASO) plans

    With our ASO products and programs, you can control costs, manage risk, and increase employee engagement in their health.

    Customizable plans with whole-person coverage available (disease management, Rx, dental, vision)

    80,000+ providers in California; national coverage with our extensive BlueCard® network

    Member advocacy and service model that engages employees in their health—with performance guarantees to back it up

What can you expect from Blue Shield?

  • For members: Blue Shield is in their corner

    Blue Shield is vocal about our commitment to members. That includes making care accessible to everyone in new ways, whether online, at home, or in the community; and working to drive down costs and eliminate systemic inefficiencies in creative, groundbreaking ways.

  • For employers: A high-touch account service model

    With your group’s investment in your employees’ health, you can expect nimble, responsive, and strategic account support:

    Your own designated, experienced account manager is here for you every step of the way.

    Backup support: Our Premier priority team is on call to back up your account manager.

    Ongoing strategic consultation: Your account manager will consult on healthcare utilization trends and help you make the most of your benefits plan.

Compare plans, premiums, and network coverage

  • 80+ years strong and committed to a diverse, equitable future

    As a nonprofit, we’ve always put our members first. That includes operating on a stable financial footing and removing barriers to care, whether financial, logistical, or personal.

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      Excellence in Customer Service

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Let’s discuss how Blue Shield can help your workforce stay healthy and focused.