Your members keep businesses rolling and communities growing. We know – many of us grew up in union families. We bring those values to work every day: a sense of fair play and a determination to get the job done. We’ll match your commitment to serve and protect your members with one of our own: to deliver healthcare coverage worthy of our family and friends, at a sustainably affordable price.

  • Meeting your group’s needs, first and foremost

    Every organized labor group has its own unique profile and health needs. We make every effort to meet yours.


    Labor & Trust Expertise: Our team is close to Labor & Trust; most have over 20 years experience in the field, and we've served some of our accounts for over 25 years.


    Access and Affordability: With Shared Advantage and Shared Advantage Plus, you can design a custom plan that gives your members the optimal balance of value and choice.


    Adaptability: We’ll work with you to build the plan that is right for your membership.

  • Ethisphere

    11x One of the World's Most Ethical Companies®


  • Military Friendly

    Ranked a Top 10 Military-Friendly® Employer


  • Civic 50 Points of Light

    Named a Community-Minded Company in the U.S.


Meet your Labor & Trust team

  • Headshot of Tera Clizbe

    Tera Clizbe

    Vice President

  • Headshot of Michael Bullock

    Michael Bullock

    Sr. Account Executive

  • Headshot of Jonathan Cortez

    Jonathan Cortez

    Account Executive

  • Headshot of Martha Diaz

    Martha Diaz

    Sr. Account Service Representative

  • Headshot of Shannon Kuhl

    Shannon Kuhl

    Account Executive

  • Headshot of Neil Barrett

    Neil Barrett

    Sr. Account Service Representative

  • Michelle Donaldson

    Sr. Account Service Representative

  • Headshot of Sarilyn Faria

    Sarilyn Faria

    Sr. Account Service Representative

  • Headshot of Shady Sauers

    Shady Sauers

    Sales and Account Executive

  • Headshot of Tamra Hardin

    Tamra Hardin

    Executive Assistant

We’d love to talk. Get in touch to see what Blue Shield can do for your group.

What’s it like to get your coverage from Blue Shield?

  • Specialty benefits for a healthier, happier workforce

    Bundling a specialty offering (dental, vision, or life coverage) with existing medical benefits, allows labor groups to promote holistic and whole health coverage for members and their families while gaining streamlined plan administration and added cost savings. Dental, vision, and life coverage can also be purchased independently or integrated into one benefits package including all three.

  • For members: Blue Shield is in your corner

    Blue Shield is vocal about our commitment to members. That includes working to make care accessible to everyone in new ways, whether online, at home, or in the community, and working to drive down costs and eliminate systemic inefficiencies in creative, groundbreaking ways.

  • For plan administrators: A proactive partner

    Blue Shield works with you to optimize plan performance, so you can better meet your cost containment and member engagement goals.

    Nimble account management: With Blue Shield, you have a responsive partner year-round.

    Intelligent Health reporting: Our unparalleled reporting tool gives you real-time data and analytics on claims and utilization.

    • Identify high-need cases (e.g., prenatal or cancer care) where proactive engagement can mitigate costs.
    • Benchmark your coverage compared to national, regional, and industry competitors.

Let’s discuss how Blue Shield can help your workforce stay healthy and focused.