Dental, Vision, and Life benefits for a happier, healthier workforce

By integrating dental, vision, and life coverage into one benefits package, employers can promote holistic health for employees and their families while gaining easier administration of plan benefits. Dental, vision, and life coverage can be bundled with existing medical coverage or purchased independently.

  • Bundling dental, vision, life, and medical coverage is a win-win.

    Adding dental, vision, and life to an existing group medical plan leads to a lower overall cost of health care, fewer missed days, and a healthier workforce. Employers also enjoy added cost savings, streamlined administration, and a wealth of coverage benefits, including:

    • Financial advantages

      You’ll have access to bundling discounts and tailored funding arrangements that fit the needs of your employees and your company.

    • Access to large provider networks

      Improved access to care throughout our service areas means you can offer employees who are switching to our plans a seamless transition with minimal disruption.

    • Coordinated benefits

      Coordinating care has been proven to deliver better employee outcomes and a more satisfied workforce.

    • A streamlined experience

      Bundling medical with dental, vision, and life coverage delivers a more streamlined administrative experience for you and one-stop support for your company’s employees.

  • Why add dental coverage?

  • A larger network of providers delivers choice and convenience

    With access to one of the largest dental PPO (DPPO) and dental HMO (DHMO) provider networks in California, Blue Shield offers employees flexibility and savings. Employer groups can select any Blue Shield dental plan with or without Blue Shield medical coverage.

    • Ortho

      Lifetime/annual orthopedic options

      Coverage for Invisalign

      Enhanced contract limitations on major services

      Crown/bridges/dentures replacement every 5 years

      No missing tooth exclusion

    • Preventive benefits

      3rd cleaning for pregnant women

      Oral cancer screening

      Caries risk management program

      Ongoing network review

      Ensures optimal access to care for employees

  • Dental care by the numbers

  • 2,000

    dental HMO provider locations in California, one of the state’s largest DHMO networks

  • 47,000+

    dental PPO access points means more care options for employees across the state

  • 38.1%

    dental PPO network discount delivers maximal savings for employers offering PPO coverage

  • 28%

    net effective discount means no matter which dental plan you choose, you save

  • Why add vision coverage?

  • The largest vision network in California

    Blue Shield’s vision plans provide the access, benefits, and plan choices employees are looking for. Plus, better eye health can improve employee productivity. That’s why considering a vision plan makes good business sense.

    • Industry-leading lens benefits

      Our discount vision program, in which 90% of our providers participate, allows for 20% savings on routine eyes exams, an extra pair of glasses, frames, lenses, tints, and coatings

      Contact lens benefits

      Hearing aid discounts

    • Access where employees want it

      Our vision network is a mix of medical and retail optical centers including Target Optical, LensCrafters and wholesale warehouses like Costco and Sam’s Club

      Rate guarantees

      2-year rate guarantee for groups with fewer than 100 employees

      4-year rate guarantee for new or existing groups with 101 or more employees

  • Vision care by the numbers

  • 16,300+

    vision access points across California

  • 174,800+

    nationwide access points

  • Up to 20%

    discounts on LASIK eye surgery at select providers

  • Why add life coverage?

  • Life benefits your employees can use now

    Life insurance is a convenient way to help employees protect their families from financial and unexpected life challenges. And it comes with travel assistance and other perks your employees can use today.

    • Travel assistance services

      Employees can get travel and medical assistance when more than 100 miles from home, including:

      Lost document assistance, including visas and passports

      Legal referrals, emergency cash, and bail assistance

      Immunization requirements

      Medical and dental referrals

      Hospital admission coordination

      Refill/replacement of prescription medication and eyewear

    • LifeReferrals 24/7

      Employees and beneficiaries have access to legal, grief, and financial counseling

      LifeReferrals can also direct members and beneficiaries to local community resources

      Rate guarantees

      2-year rate guarantee for groups of fewer than 100 employees

      3-year rate guarantee for new and existing groups with 101 or more employees

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