Virtual Blue empowers you and your employees with choice, connection, and convenience.

  • A virtual-first approach​
  • In-person care is part of the plan​
  • Faster access to doctors including behavioral health and specialty care

A flexible plan that enhances access and value -- without passing higher costs to your employees.

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    Speaker 1:

    More than ever busy people are trying to find a balance in a fast-paced world. It's a new reality that demands a better way to approach healthcare. That's why Blue Shield of California created Virtual Blue, a revolutionary virtual first health plan for today's employees who want flexible, integrated, easy to use care. Members can choose virtual or in-person visits and expect truly personalized experiences, guidance, and support. Every member is supported by virtual collaborative care team that includes their chosen primary care physician, a mental health provider, and other health professionals such as health coaches. This team works closely together to provide every member with integrated care and that's whole person care because physical and mental health can affect each other. This collaborative care approach is shown to deliver better health outcomes and experiences and reduces costs for employees, while removing barriers to care. Members easily manage their out-of-pocket costs with $0 virtual care visits and $0 unlimited virtual talk therapy.

    What if a member needs or just prefers to see a virtual specialist? There's no referral needed and zero cost. Virtual Blue is designed for balancing life's demands, understanding that preferences for accessing healthcare can change from one day to the next. Whenever your employee prefers to see an in-person doctor, they can. It's the member's choice, no referral needed. It's personalized healthcare with the services and flexibility today's employees expect. Online appointment booking in minutes. Virtual urgent care visits with providers who can access your medical record and home delivery for prescriptions. Share and manage vital signs and biometrics from home, care from providers from top 50 med schools, all trained to deliver virtual care and a selection of primary care physicians as diverse as your employee population. Attract and retain top talent with Virtual Blue made for your employees, made for you.

  • Why choose Virtual Blue? ​

    Employees can expect a simple, holistic virtual-first healthcare experience that integrates primary, behavioral, and specialty care. ​


    A personalized experience​
    Members have ongoing relationships with their chosen virtual personal physician and virtual care team.​


    Integrated physical and mental health 24/7
    Virtual providers deliver holistic treatment at any hour because they know the member's medical history.


    Top-tier physicians​
    Virtual Blue is powered by AccoladeCare. Their physicians come from the top 50 U.S. medical schools and trained to deliver effective virtual care.

  • Integrated virtual care at-a-glance

  • Primary Care

    $0 AccoladeCare virtual visits​

    • Diagnosis and treatment for preventive care and general health
    • Member satisfaction average NPS score of 95*​

    *AccoladeCare 2023

  • Behavioral Health

    $0 AccoladeCare virtual visits​

    • No referrals required
    • Access to mental health professionals in all 50 states​
    • Unlimited virtual talk therapy with the same provider for ages 4 and up​
  • Specialty Care

    $0 AccoladeCare virtual visits​

    • No referrals required
    • Access to specialty providers licensed in all 50 states
    • 20 specialties, including cardiologists, ENTs, endocrinologists, and more​

See how the virtual care team works​

Virtual Blue removes barriers to care, so employees can get care when and how they want it ​

  • In-person care is part of the Virtual Blue difference ​

    The health plan employers want​: 84% of employers now believe that integrating online and in-person care – including mental health care – is essential. With Virtual Blue, members are in control whenever they want in-person care, with access to a Blue Shield PPO, national BlueCard, and global GeoBlue coverage.

    No referral needed for Virtual Blue in-person care

    Deductible and cost-sharing, where applicable​

  • A digital-first member experience with human connection

    See how Olivia experiences team-based care; avoids costly urgent care, specialty care, and ER visits; and lowers the chances of her conditions progressing or recurring​.

The Virtual Blue difference

  • A dedicated virtual care team

  • $0 virtual visits with AccoladeCare

  • Virtual care via in-app chat, video or phone

  • In-person care when desired

  • Virtual care available 24/7

  • No cost Virtual Blue Vitals Kit

Want to learn about Virtual Blue plan options? Contact your Blue Shield representative.

  • Accolade is independent of Blue Shield of California and is contracted by Blue Shield to provide an integrated member experience by enabling access to virtual primary care and mental health services as well as support virtual specialty care service.