Virtual Blue: the Best of both WORLDs with VIRTUAL and In-person care


  • Why choose Virtual Blue?

    Virtual Blue puts you and your employees well ahead by combining a proven, comprehensive virtual care model with $0 virtual visits and in-person care from Blue Shield’s trusted PPO network.


    A proven collaborative approach to care Integrating virtual primary, urgent, behavioral, and specialty care via a collaborative virtual care team for better outcomes and value.


    The right solution for today’s workforce The flexibility of a hybrid virtual + in-person care model can increase employee satisfaction with their health benefits.


    Easy to use, with nationwide PPO access Employees access our trusted in-state & nationwide PPO network for in-person care. No referrals needed, cost-sharing applies.

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The Virtual Blue difference

  • Virtual primary, behavioral health, and specialty care

  • A dedicated virtual care team for each employee

  • $0 copays for AccoladeCare virtual visits

  • Virtual care via in-app chat, video, or phone call

  • No-cost Virtual Blue Vitals Kit

  • In-person care with our PPO when desired

See how the virtual care team works

  • Virtual Blue removes the barriers to care — so employees are more likely to get the care they need

    Many adults in the United States don’t have a personal physician, yet patients who regularly see one experience better health outcomes and lower out-of-pocket costs. With Virtual Blue, powered by AccoladeCare, members benefit from having a virtual care team — including a personal physician and behavioral health specialist — that coordinates their care and advocates for them. The result? Improved health outcomes and better value:

  • 31%

    reduction in symptoms of depression for members using AccoladeCare1

  • 33%

    lower healthcare costs for adults who have a primary care provider, versus those who only see specialists2

  • 60%

    of patients with a regular PCP avoid ER or urgent care visits3

  • 90%

    of chronic disease costs are more effectively managed by a primary care physician as compared to a specialty provider4

Connected coverage that puts your employees first

  • A personalized experience

    Members can choose a personal physician based on race, gender, or language fluency to enhance their comfort level with a provider. Each employee can build an ongoing relationship with that chosen virtual primary care physician (PCP) and virtual care team, which includes a behavioral health specialist and a health coach.

  • Integrated physical and behavioral health

    Virtual Blue integrates virtual primary, behavioral, and specialty care in a collaborative team model. Members can make an appointment in minutes; see a primary care provider in 1-3 days; and access the care they need after hours, including behavioral health care. A virtual care coordinator helps members navigate virtual and in-person care.

  • Top-tier physicians

    AccoladeCare physicians are trained to deliver effective virtual care. They come from top 50 U.S. medical schools and deliver high member satisfaction, with an average NPS score of 92.<sup>5</sup> For in-person care, employees can select providers from our trusted PPO networks in California and nationwide. No referral is ever necessary, giving employees the flexibility they want.

  • Enhanced support system

    Members choose when and how they get care — by call, video, in-app chat, or in-person visit. They can get their prescriptions and diagnostic work from any in-network pharmacy or lab. And each member receives a free, at-home Vitals Kit, including a weighing scale, a thermometer, and a blood pressure cuff, to help the member and care team monitor that member’s health.

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  • 1 - 5. AccoladeCare 2021.

    Accolade is independent of Blue Shield of California and is contracted by Blue Shield to provide an integrated member experience by enabling access to virtual primary care and behavioral health services as well as support virtual specialty care service.