Coverage by Industry

When it comes to healthcare coverage, each industry has its unique needs. Every group can expect us to understand the healthcare needs of their workforce. Blue Shield is committed to delivering plans that keep members satisfied with our service, engaged in their health, and productive on the job, all at an affordable price.

  • Know-how + adaptability

    Blue Shield can partner with you to build just the right plan with the programs to deliver an unsurpassed member experience.



    Understanding your industry enables us to collaborate with your group on high-value health and wellness strategies.



    Our plans offer a greater degree of flexibility than most.



    We will go the extra mile to ensure our plans meet your needs.

Labor & Trust: To the people who build our communities and keep them running, we say thank you.

  • Coverage that works as hard as your people

    Whether you’re considering a self-funded or fully insured plan, you’ll have options that balance access and affordability.

    Flexible plans: With Shared Advantage and Shared Advantage Plus plans, you can design a custom health solution that delivers a seamless, integrated experience, providing value and choice for your members.

    Driving affordability: We’re expanding our accountable care organization (ACO) networks and exploring new payment models to deliver better health outcomes at a better price for everyone.

  • Meet your Labor & Trust team

    Blue Shield is a proud advocate for organized labor, with many of our team members growing up in union families. You have our full commitment, along with decades of experience working with Taft-Hartley trust fund accounts.

Public sector accounts: Serving those who are fully committed to keeping our communities running

  • Public sector plans: The right coverage, the right value

    Public employees demonstrate commitment to their communities every day. They deserve the peace of mind of comprehensive healthcare coverage at an affordable price.

    Our HMO and PPO plans include $0 copay and virtual care options, clinically proven wellness apps at no cost, and more.

    You can bundle HMO and PPO features in a single offering.

    Plans may include performance guarantees and other incentives.

What’s it like to work with Blue Shield?

  • For members: Blue Shield is in their corner

    Blue Shield is vocal about our commitment to members. That includes working to make care accessible to everyone in new ways, whether online, at home, or in the community, and working to drive down costs and eliminate systemic inefficiencies in creative, groundbreaking ways.

  • For plan administrators: A proactive partner

    Blue Shield works with you to optimize plan performance, so you can better meet your cost containment and member engagement goals.

    Nimble account management: With Blue Shield, you have a responsive partner year-round.

    Intelligent Health reporting: Our unparalleled reporting tool gives you real-time data and analytics on claims and utilization.

    • Identify high-need cases (e.g., prenatal or cancer care) where proactive engagement can mitigate costs.
    • Benchmark your coverage compared to national, regional, and industry competitors.
  • 80+ years strong and committed to a diverse, equitable future

    As a nonprofit, Blue Shield puts members first. That includes operating on a stable financial footing and removing barriers to care, whether financial, logistical, or personal.



Let’s discuss how Blue Shield can help your workforce stay healthy and focused.