Blue Shield’s Sandra Clarke writes about her experience on a White House drug cost panel

Sandra Clarke, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Blue Shield of California, recently penned an article about her experience on a White House panel addressing drug costs and rethinking the pharmaceutical system. Below are excerpts from her full piece, which can be found on our News Center here.

“I am thrilled to have represented Blue Shield of California at the White House on Monday, March 4, 2024. Being invited to speak at the White House  Roundtable on Lowering Drug Costs and Addressing Pharmaceutical Benefit Managers was a great testament to our company’s fierce dedication to transforming pharmacy care for our members, Californians, and all Americans. I am glad to have sat next to one of our collaborators in this work – Mark Cuban and Alex Oshmyansky of Cost Plus Drug Company – on the panel.

Blue Shield has taken bold initiatives in pharmacy through a variety of advocacy and innovation efforts, and our work to reimagine pharmacy care started long before today. Our aim is to ensure that needed medications get to the right people at the right time and at a substantially lower cost.

We are at a pivotal moment in health care. It is reassuring to have conversations with agents of change about what must transform for millions of people.”

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