Help employees understand their coverage – during open enrollment and beyond

Comprehensive health benefits remain a crucial element in employee recruitment and retention. Still, nearly half of employees don’t fully understand their benefits and 80% don’t open benefits communications from their employers.

Blue Shield of California recognizes the shared responsibility of health plans in educating a workforce. It’s why we built resources – from healthcare basics, to matching the right plan to the person and getting the most out of a benefits package – with information specifically for group coverage members.

An easy way for employees to learn more about coverage is to visit our extensive, user-friendly Covered with an employer page. Featured on the page are:

  • A short video on the basics of understanding coverage through an employer
  • Downloadable PDFs on topics like HMO vs. PPO and common health plan terms
  • Options for accessing care conveniently and whenever it’s needed
  • “Things to consider” questions to guide an employee through choosing a plan
  • Wellness discount programs for members to save money and live healthier

While it’s never a bad time to learn about health care, typically, employees seek plan information when they are newly hired, during an annual open enrollment, or after a major life change like marriage or having a child. During these times, reminding employees of Blue Shield’s array of resources can alleviate the work of HR departments and increase the knowledge of (and appreciation for) employer coverage.

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