Resources for Mental Health Awareness Month and beyond

Mental Health Awareness Month is a prime opportunity for employers to promote awareness of mental health issues, positive mental health practices, and the availability of wellness resources to employees and their communities. Blue Shield’s collection of digital tools, services, and resources can help employers stay up to speed and address mental health for the modern workforce.

Wellvolution ®, our award-winning whole-health platform, is included in all our portfolio plans and is a great tool for those looking to take control of their health and well-being. Wellvolution contains digital apps and services focusing on improving mental health, staying physically fit, quitting smoking, and much more.

Two new apps, Ginger and Headspace , were recently added to the Wellvolution platform. Both apps designed for members to conveniently receive mental health support from the comfort of their own home. Headspace is a science-backed meditation app built for reducing stress and achieving a better night’s rest. The Ginger app uses text-based chatting to provide mental health coaching along with a self-care library and video-based therapy. Headspace’s ability to reduce stress by 14% in just 10 days, and with 70% of Ginger members seeing an improvement within 12-16 weeks, the sooner members join Wellvolution the sooner they will see results.

Staying current on the latest wellness news, trends, and technologies is increasingly helpful for mental health awareness. Blue Shield provides several channels to inform members and employers on a wide variety of wellness and healthcare topics.

You can tune in to Healthy Dose of Dialogue podcast , in which Blue Shield and industry leaders discuss the latest insights and industry trends. A recent episode explores how virtual and augmented reality devices may aid in reducing stress and anxiety, while previous episodes delved into topics like the Great Resignation and digital innovations around mental health in the workplace.

Our News Center will be featuring mental health-related content this month, including updates on BlueSky , our signature statewide, school-based youth mental health initiative for kids may be struggling with mental health issues.

As we saw with the pandemic , mental health is impacted by personal, local, and global factors. While global factors may be harder to address, there are opportunities to improve mental health in our communities and workplaces. Leveraging the latest mental health resources and staying current on news and trends are great ways for employers to ensure their workforce has the tools and information to support their mental well-being.

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