The hybrid Virtual Blue plan is much more than a telehealth offering

Virtual Blue is redefining virtual care, extending and expanding the features of a typical telehealth offering.

Basic telehealth can be a good short-term resource, but telehealth options are limited in delivery (virtual only) and capabilities (reactive engagement, no recurring physician relationships, limited specialist care). By partnering with Accolade and leveraging their Advanced Primary Care model, Virtual Blue is able to offer flexibility, integration, and convenience by combining in-person and $0 virtual care delivery in a single plan. 

The member is always at the center of care with Virtual Blue. A coordinated support team with integrated specialty and mental health are two of the many benefits Virtual Blue offers. Each Virtual Blue member is supported by a virtual, collaborative, and multidisciplinary care team with an integrated approach to care. All of the member’s health professionals work closely together to deliver a personalized experience based on the member’s unique preferences and needs.

Convenience is a key attribute of Virtual Blue, with members receiving short appointment lead times and online booking for virtual services through Accolade. Members have access to our statewide and national network whenever in-person care is preferred; no referrals needed, with deductible and cost-sharing where applicable.

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