Value and service for small businesses

California inspires dreamers and doers. Small businesses power the economy here, employing millions of people – nearly half of all workers in the state.

Blue Shield is proud to serve over 40,000 California small businesses. With our 80+ year history in the Golden State, we understand what it takes to succeed here – especially if you don’t have the staffing or resources of the big guys.

Our healthcare plans deliver real value for you. Every plan includes Wellvolution, a free suite of clinically proven digital programs that help members achieve their health goals; $0 copays on virtual visits for both urgent care and mental health; and included pediatric dental and vision benefits.

We support every small business customer (whether you have one or 100 employees) with a dedicated Small Business Account Management team to help you get the most value out of your plan.

And we make sure your employees get the service they need. In fact, 96% of those surveyed said they received excellent customer service, and 90% said their issue was resolved during the call.

More value, service and support from your health insurer? All good reasons why more small businesses choose Blue Shield’s PPO plan over any other.